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Joy Vernon is the guest of The Walk In Cafe

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I am pleased to have Joy Vernon as my guest on The Walk in Cafe, her topic is Symbolic Correspondence Systems and we are going to ask her to take calls from the audience and use her art for them.  The show will air live at 5:00 pm Eastern time or 3:00pm mountain time. is the link to hear the show or call in to ask Joy a question.

A symbolic correspondence system is a collection of symbols that serve as
categories for organizing information. For instance, in astrology, the sign
of Aries classifies ideas such as courage, adventure, and charisma. By
learning to organize and cross-reference concepts according to such
well-established systems as astrology, tarot and kabbalah–and by learning
to develop our own personalized systems–we uncover a fresh understanding of
the world around us. Applying these insights to ourselves and our lives
allows personal healing and spiritual growth.

Joy Vernon has been studying symbolic correspondence systems for more than
twenty years. As a teacher, she employs these systems to reveal the
structure underlying intuition. Joy’s specialty is Empyrean Key
Transformational Guidance, which helps her clients break through blocks and
align themselves with their higher purpose. Joy is a member of the American
Tarot Association, is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader, and leads the
Denver Tarot Geeks Meetup. Joy is also a Reiki Master Teacher and is the
organizer of the Denver Reiki Co-op. For more information, visit


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Host of the radio show The Walk In Cafe. A spiritual forum to address the Spiritual changes that come into peoples lives.

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